History discipline expert – video

From a series of videos where disciplinary experts discuss the shift of focus and valued learning in their relevant learning area of the Australian Curriculum.

Experts prominent in shaping the Australian Curriculum help us to further develop our understanding of the essence of each learning area and why this essence is important when designing learning.

Workshop agenda

(PDF, 266KB)

Facilitator notes

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Associate Professor Tony Taylor – History

Associate Professor Tony Taylor, based at Monash University has worked closely with a wide range of colleagues to improve the standing of history education in Australia and is one of the writers of the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: History. He speaks here about what history learning is for.

History sound bites – video clip

From a video series capturing a range of voices— teachers, Rundle Mall shoppers and children—talking about what they think a particular learning area is for.

These video clips stimulate thinking and promote discussions for us to reflect on what we believe the learning area is for and what we want our students to take forward into their lives from the different learning areas. We call this the essence of the learning area.

Workshop agenda

(PDF, 638KB)

Facilitator notes

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Sound bites history

Shoppers in the mall, teachers, kids and young people are asked what they think history is for.

The views expressed do not represent the views of the SA Department for Education.

Story of the History learning area

From a video animation series describing the essence of each learning area and how the components of the learning area work together

These animations describe the essence of each learning area and how the components of the Australian Curriculum learning area can work together to create powerful, relevant learning experiences for our students.

History: what is it for?

This animation is designed to help teachers to tune into the grand narrative of Australian Curriculum: History.

BitL – History printables

These posters, placemats, questioning tools and BitL overviews have been designed to be used in classrooms with students F-10.


Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed.

Question Strands F-10

(PDF, 224KB)


(PDF, 67KB)


(PDF, 74KB)


(PDF, 73KB)


(PDF, 74KB)


(PDF, 75KB)

Placemat F-2

(PDF, 197KB)

Placemat 3-4

(PDF, 194KB)

Placemat 5-6

(PDF, 191KB)

Posters F-2

(PDF, 203KB)

Posters 3-4

(PDF, 71KB)

Posters 5-6

(PDF, 194KB)

The conceptual narrative

The conceptual narrative, from foundation to year 10.

This audio series of brief sound bites tells the story of the big ideas that grow in complexity within learning areas, providing ways to connect up the curriculum for students across multi-age groups.

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A series of audio stories detailing the developmental progress of concepts from Foundation to Year 10 for each learning area. Additional year level specific stories outline how we might lead students to explore and learn about particular concepts.

Conceptual narrative – History printables

The resources show examples of how the Bitl questions can be used to develop conceptual understanding using specific learning area content from F-10.


Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed.


(PDF, 346KB)


(PDF, 544KB)


(PDF, 638KB)


(PDF, 388KB)


(PDF, 691KB)


(PDF, 861KB)


(PDF, 646KB)


(PDF, 606KB)


(PDF, 638KB)


(PDF, 659KB)


(PDF, 587KB)

Learning Area Explorer

The Learning area explorers (A3) summarise the Australian Curriculum learning areas allowing investigation into where the essence is most strongly emphasised.

Workshop agenda

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Facilitator notes

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(PDF, 638KB)


(PDF, 638KB)


(PDF, 638KB)


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