Transversal skills and competencies

Professor Martin Westwell outlines what transversal skills are and why they are pivotal in developing powerful learners who also use ‘slow thinking’ to manage complex situations.

Transversal skills

Video (7.09 mins)

Martin Westwell defines transversal skills explaining their pivotal role in the effectiveness of students’ knowledge and know-how, and how we are enacting this through the Australian Curriculum in South Australia.

Reflecting on South Australia’s unique strengths

Video (5.04 mins)

Martin Westwell describes the crucial importance of balancing students’ knowledge and know-how with a strong sense of judgement and critical thinking, and how this is being enacted in South Australia through the intentionality and strategic approach of teachers and educators.

Which skills are important to develop in students?

Video (6.12 mins)

Martin Westwell explains the importance of being purposeful and strategic, and how working collaboratively is key to students’ development as effective problem solvers.

We need to stop and think slow

Video (6.37 mins)

Martin Westwell explains the post-industrial model of education requires slow thinking to ensure authentic capacity at the point of delivery; we need to develop this in our students to enable them to manage complex and complicated situations.

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