Our learners' futures

Explores the type of learning experiences students will need to thrive in their future

Working with curriculum

Understanding the ‘essence’ and disciplinary thinking of each learning area of the Australian Curriculum and resources to design learning for this

Teaching for Effective Learning

Developing understanding and skills to work with the learning principles of the SA Teaching for Effective Learning [TfEL] Framework – SA’s Pedagogy Policy

SA Learning design

Unpacking the SA approach to Learning Design – a thinking map for teachers to use as they work with the curriculum

Transforming tasks

Learning about ways to increase the intellectual demand for higher order thinking in our task design

Formative assessment

Explores the central role of formative assessment in intentional and responsive learning design with Professor Dylan Wiliam

Activating students in learning improvement

Involving students as learning resources to each other, increasing learning talk and building self-regulated learning strategies impacts positively on student achievement

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