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AITSL Literature review: Student-centred schools make the difference

Dr Jessica Harris, Ms Nerida Spina, Associate Professor Lisa C Ehrich and Dr Judy Smeed June 2013

Student-centred schools focus on designing learning experiences that recognise and respond to the individual needs of each of their students.

Students as radical agents of change

Michael Fielding’s paper provokes educators’ interpretation of ‘student voice’. Practical examples describe how students, staff and significant others construct ways of working together for educational improvement through the Students as Researchers UK project.

Learning Frontiers: professional practices to increase student engagement in learning

The consensus is that schools need to change in order to give students the best chance to compete and be successful in today’s global economy, and to live their adult lives as responsible and productive global citizens.

Pupil Perceptions of Effective Learning Environments in Mathematics (PPELEM):

In this article, Andrea McDonough describes a teaching tool that provides an opportunity for gaining insights about the learners in a classroom, illustrating the vital links between teaching, learning and assessing.

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