1. English expert

Professor Barbara Comber – English

Video (3.33 mins)

Barbara Comber is a research professor at the University of South Australia and has been involved in literacy education for many years.

Here she speaks about the essentials of English learning.


English workshop – expert voice

(PDF, 412KB)

The essentials of English – the essentials in English learning

2. What ‘Adelaideans’ think about English

Video (2.19 mins)

Teachers, students and community members talk about what they think English is for.

This video clip promotes discussions to reflect on what we believe English is for and what we want our students to take forward into their lives from it. We call this the essence of the learning area.


English workshop – Sound bites

(PDF, 413KB)

What ‘Adelaideans’ think about English

3. English animation – What is it for?

Video (3.36 mins)

A video animation describes the essence of English and how the components of this learning area work together.

A useful starting point for a conversation with teachers, students and community.

4. English ‘Bringing it to Life’ [BitL]

A process tool that demonstrates how we can bring together what we want students to learn and how we want them to learn it – to engage our students in deep learning.

*Click the ‘enlarge icon’ to access the full benefits of this tool (located on the bottom right).

5. English BitL printables

These posters, placemats, questioning tools and BitL overviews have been designed to be used in classrooms with students F-10.


Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed.

6. The conceptual narratives for Learning Areas F-10

The audio series describes the big ideas and concepts in the curriculum of each learning area that grow in complexity across the year levels F-10. These brief descriptions give teachers clarity about the key concepts of each learning area and support designing learning to connect up concepts across multi-age groups.

*Click the ‘enlarge icon’ to access the full benefits of this tool (located on the bottom right).

7. Conceptual narrative – English printables

The resources show examples of how the BitL questions can be used to develop conceptual understanding using specific learning area content from F-10.


Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed.

Literacy Texts:

F-Year 2

(PDF, 235KB)

Year 3-4

(PDF, 275KB)

Year 5-6

(PDF, 211KB)

Year 7-8

(PDF, 359KB)

Year 9-10

(PDF, 371KB)

Texts to inform:

F-Year 2

(PDF, 250KB)

Year 3-4

(PDF, 342KB)

Year 5-6

(PDF, 464KB)

Year 7-8

(PDF, 5MB)

Year 9-10

(PDF, 420KB)

8. Learning Area Explorer

The learning explorers (A3) summarise the Australian Curriculum learning area for easy reference during learning design.


English F

(PDF, 249KB)

Year 1

(PDF, 248KB)

Year 2

(PDF, 249KB)

Year 3

(PDF, 250KB)

Year 4

(PDF, 249KB)

Year 5

(PDF, 213KB)

Year 6

(PDF, 249KB)

Year 7

(PDF, 249KB)

Year 8

(PDF, 213KB)

Year 9

(PDF, 218KB)

Year 10

(PDF, 251KB)

9. English wordles

Identifying the core ideas of each section of the English curriculum.



(PDF, 147KB)


(PDF, 219KB)

Achievement standards

(PDF, 287KB)


(PDF, 255KB)


(PDF, 250KB)


(PDF, 271KB)


(PDF, 289KB)

10. Connecting content and essence

This tool supports teachers consider the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions together with the ‘essence’ of the learning area. When they are considered together it influences how we design the learning.

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