SA Learning design

Learning about ways to increase the intellectual demand for higher order thinking in our task design.

What is SA learning design?

The learning design thinking map helps us think about how we design learning that builds on students’ prior knowledge, skills and understandings and challenge them in their learning.

Learning Design templates

Printable templates for teachers to download to support their thinking as they design learning for their students.

SA teachers designing learning

A video series where Early, Primary and Secondary teachers share their practice in learning design.

Building learning power

A mini-workshop series where Professor Guy Claxton discusses the importance of designing learning that builds student agency – learning power.

Powerful teaching – not either/or

In this mini- presentation Dr Julia Atkin helps clarify what the role of the teacher is really about; in being intentional and responsive about the learning and the learners’ needs.

Designing numeracy learning

A mini-workshop series with Ann baker where she models a learning design process that starts with students’ thinking.

Non-googleable questions

A learning design entry point – Non-googleable questions.

The Randomiser

The Randomiser provides thinking practice in bringing together the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions and the ‘essence’ of the learning areas to influence the way we design learning.

Learning Design – BOX 5

Knowing and Understanding

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