Transforming tasks

Now that we have identified the essence of each learning area and how this helps us think about the intended learning in our learning design process, we turn to learning task design to ensure we don’t undo all the good thinking and planning work done so far.

In South Australia our primary years research shows us that there is an unintended outcome from our strong support of learners. We can be so supportive of our learners, that we inhibit their intellectual struggle with the unfamiliar and the complex. In other words, we rescue them from thinking. Learning about what to do when you don’t know something and not being thrown by new contexts is at the heart of learner resilience needed for academic and future life success.

SA Pedagogic shift

A series of workshops designed to support teachers to reflect and build on current practices that engage and intellectually challenge students.

Challenge in learning

Transforming Tasks Presentation 1

From closed to open

Transforming Tasks Presentation 2

From tell to ask

Transforming Tasks Presentation 3

From procedure to problem solving

Transforming Tasks Presentation 4

From information to understanding

The Transforming Task cards outline 4 strategies and the 4 techniques for each one that can be applied across all learning areas.

Drama-based instruction

A video series where Professors Martin Westwell, Katie Dawson and Guy Claxton and leaders and students from SA schools show how we can achieve a pedagogic shift across SA.

Stretch for all

A video series where Professor Martin Westwell outlines ways we can strategically shift our teaching practice to raise the intellectual demand of learners across all levels of schooling.

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