Transforming tasks

Learning about ways to increase the intellectual demand for higher order thinking in our task design.

Introduction to Transforming tasks –
Challenge in learning

Transforming Tasks Workshop 1

From closed to open

Transforming Tasks Workshop 2

From tell to ask

Transforming Tasks Workshop 3

From procedure to problem solving

Transforming Tasks Workshop 4

From information to understanding

The Transforming Task cards outline 4 strategies and the 4 techniques for each one that can be applied across all learning areas.

What is the pedagogic shift?

A series of workshops designed to support teachers to reflect and build on current practices that engage and intellectually challenge students.
(Val Westwell)

Body based learning – increasing engagement and thinking demand

Professor Katie Dawson, University of Texas, explains the benefits of body based learning and shares how two schools are using this to improve students’ dispositions and outcomes in numeracy.
(Professor Katie Dawson)

Intellectual stretch

A video series where Professor Martin Westwell outlines ways we can strategically shift our teaching practice to raise the intellectual demand of learners across all levels of schooling.
(Professor Martin Westwell)

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Resources Transforming tasks