Essentials for success

Professor Guy Claxton shows that when we develop resourceful and resilient learners, not only do test scores go up but students are better prepared for the complexities and rigour of the 21st century.

Where are we heading?

As well as helping our students achieve the best possible grades, teachers and school leaders need to help them develop an imaginative and independent approach to learning so they can deal with uncertainty and respond effectively to situations for which they are not prepared.

Data and test scores

Schools that have embarked on the process of building students’ capacities to become more resourceful and resilient as learners in the face of difficulty not only boosts test scores, it also prepares them better for the complexities and rigors of the real world.

Student social support networks and learning

It is all the more important that we work out dynamic ways of helping children who experience unstable family and social networks to develop resilience and resourcefulness for themselves, to give them a powerful boost in life.

Grades are not enough

‘Old-fashioned’ education systems that achieve good grades by fixing students to pre-determined performances are not enough. We need to help students get the best possible grades and also become as independent, resilient, imaginative, and resourceful, as they now need to be.

Essentials for a successful life

21st century skills are powerful predictors for a successful life and we need to make sure they are in place to help students flourish in a complex fast-changing world.

Getting the words right

To increase community ‘buy-in’ in our partnerships, we need to speak plainly, with a degree of passion, in a language that is concrete, accessible and appealing to our colleagues, students and their parents.

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