Learning design

Learning Design is a process that helps us bring together the Australian Curriculum and the pedagogy of the SA Teaching for Effective Learning Framework (TfEL). In this section we explore the six key ideas that underpin Learning Design, to improve learner engagement through personalising and connecting the learning, and designing for intellectual challenge to achieve improved outcomes – academic and learner disposition.

The Learning Design six questions have been created for teachers working together in teams or professional learning communities (PLC) to plan learning experiences for students.

What is learning design?

A brief video clip introducing the six questions of the learning design thinking map

Learning Design templates

Printable templates for teachers to download to support their thinking as they design learning for their students.

SA teachers designing learning

Learning Design, Assessment and Moderation – A video series of Early, Primary and Secondary teachers sharing classroom practice in learning and assessment design.

  • Learning Design at the ASMS
  • Makers Empire

Building learning power

A mini-workshop series where Professor Guy Claxton shows how we create thinking classrooms and the difference it makes.

Powerful teaching

In this mini-presentation, Julia explains that it’s not about whether teachers are the ‘sage on the stage’ or the ‘guide by the side’ – but about what we do when.

Numeracy cycle

A mini-workshop series with Anne Baker where she models starting with students’ thinking

Non-googleable questions

Student Voice Learning Tools – for teachers

  • Non-googleable questions

The Randomiser

A video introduction to the Randomiser tool.

A professional online learning tool – called the ‘randomiser’, that provides thinking practice in viewing the content descriptions through the essence of the learning area

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