Leading Learning
Making the Australian
Curriculum work for us

Bringing it to life

We have thought deeply about what we value for our students’ learning, how this is represented in the learning areas through the essence, and how this essence helps us work with all the components of the learning area.

In this section we work with our colleagues using the BitL tool to ensure our pedagogy brings the essence of the learning areas to life in the classroom. It helps us engage our learners as scientists, as mathematicians, as historians, and as great communicators – so that they not only know about the important understandings and develop the skills within each learning area, but can bring this understanding to bear in their everyday contexts in powerful ways.

The conceptual narrative

An audio series of brief sound bites that tell the story of the big ideas that grow in complexity within learning areas, providing ways to connect up the curriculum for students across multi-age groups

Conceptual Narrative Printables

Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed.

The BitL tool

A process tool that demonstrates how we can bring together the what and the how – the curriculum and the pedagogy, to engage our students in powerful learning

BitL printables

Learning area specific resources available to be downloaded and printed. These posters, placemats, questioning tools and BitL overviews have been designed to be used in classrooms with students F-10.

Science Misconceptions

An interactive tool for exploring, sharing, and challenging common misconceptions in the science classroom.